it's always the right time to work on your business

I know there's a thing called information overload, but that's not what this is about.  It's for consignment and resale store owners to pick a jumping point and just...well JUMP!  

New modules are added each week, but you can look at previous ones, the downloadable resources and so much more based on what you are struggling with today.  

Join this AHmazing community of store owners to juggle all the things and get back your MOMENTUM!


Is MOMENTUM for you?

If these ring true, MOMENTUM is probably a great fit for you: 



Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the tasks that need to be done to run your business? Frustrated by all the "little things" that take over when you have more important projects to complete?


Determining what takes precedence can cause you to go into a tailspin because EVERYTHING is a priority anymore! So many "to-do's" but not enough "done" on that list you've been growing for months because you just don't have time to research it all. 


Finding a group of like-minded Consignment and Resale Store Owners working together on common goals is important.  While we all do things our own way, the MOMENTUM membership allows you to personalize all of the information to work for your store.  Just a few of the areas we'll be focusing on are:

  • Processes
  • Employees
  • Social Media
  • Instore & Online Selling

This Is What I See So Many Consignment | Resale Store Owners Struggle With...

  • You're maxed out on how many hours you can spend working, but the bottom line just isn't showing it
  • You've gotten the basics+ down, but you know there's so much more you really could be doing
  • Other courses or memberships are out there, but you'd really like to work with someone who really understands your unique challenges of consignment | resale
  • The bottom line is that you know you need something to change, but you don't have the time or energy to start from scratch


And This Is What I Know...

  • I was right there thinking all the same thoughts (and so many not even listed).  As my store grew, I couldn't keep up.  It went from this small, just me store to 4X its size with employees in no time and I was always feeling behind.  I knew something had to change in order for me to feel that I was back in control again.  Coming from a background of building systems, I finally started doing it for my own business. I finally felt like my life was my own again, and not the store's.
  • You want more for you.  For your business.  For your family.  You can't work much harder than you are right now.  Those moments you feel like you just want to give up come more frequently because you are trying to juggle all the things and struggle to not let them all fall to the ground.
  • You just need some help.  You don't have time to start everything from scratch.  And you don't have time to be overloaded with every single piece of developing some standardized processes.


This Membership Will Work For You:

I know that I can guide you through the steps of getting polices and procedures in place.  In hiring and training employees.  In doing all the big and little things that will help your business run better. 

And along the way, you'll gain MOMENTUM to keep moving forward and building on each training piece by piece.

I'm Ready To Build MOMENTUM

We're Currently Talking About...

What's Included In Your Membership:


Video trainings by The Consignment Consultant on all aspects of running a successful consignment store


Each month we'll focus on a different aspect of running your business. Topics run from Social Media & Branding to Employees & Procedures. The ideas are endless to give you the best industry practices.

Downloadable Worksheets by The Consignment Consultant to go with the video trainings for consignment and resale stores

Worksheets & Checklists

Every training topic will have downloadable, easy-to-follow worksheets and/or checklists so you can focus on how YOU run YOUR store and create the plans that serve your business and customers.

The Consignment Consultant's Social Media Guidebook for daily posting ideas and graphics

Social Media Guidebook

The Social Media Guidebook is filled with ideas for events/promotions, social media post prompts and graphics so you can mix them in with your daily product posts to increase engagement.

The Consignment Consultant's MOMENTUM Achievement Path is filled with resources to use immediately


The MOMENTUM Achievement Path has 6 modules with downloads ready for you to download TODAY to get started.  

Weekly Q&A sessions with The Consignment Consultant & the FB Community

Weekly Q&A Sessions

Get your topic questions answered each week in our private FB group filled with resale professionals.  We all have a different perspective to learn from.

Let's Answer Some Of Your Questions:

The Consignment Consultant Two Reasons To Be A Founder Member of MOMENTUM


  1. You are on the ground floor of creating the business you know you've wanted but didn't know how to always get there

  2. You are a part of community of store owners who believe in working together to build and help each other in all areas



Join the MOMENTUM Movement NOW!

  • Weekly Trainings & MOMENTUM Builder Assets
  • Immediate Access To The MOMENTUM Achievement Path
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Monthly Social Media Guidebook (value: $27.99) 
  • Q&A Sessions
I am ready to be a Member of MOMENTUM!